Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I need advice!

Lots of times my class gets very disrespectful to each other but even when I have to put them in time out (not to often though) my class once again will do it. A struggle though is with hitting. I will really need advice. Post our craft tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Next Craft.

Next craft activity is white snowflakes on black paper. I will add pictures

questions about homework!

Does anybody know what type of homework to give a class of 1st graders. I have a reward jar of prizes for the kids but I do not have any homework for them to do. My jar has things like silly bands, bracelets,hair clips and erasers. I have heard that good homework for 1st graders is 1 digit addition but does anybody have any more suggestions for homework. Please respond :)

Penguin parade!

Today my class made happy feet penguins and found it at the blog we heart art and to go along with are winter weather I read my class a very good book called Ice Show Dreams and my class loves it. It is about a frog named Fritz and a bird named Ruby who want to be in a ice show together. If you want the book it is by Tracy Donovan and illustrated by Sandi King. I run a school named Miss. Newcomers Academy. My schedule is...

-language arts
-social studies

-library studies which will complete our day to pack up and leave. My school is a year round school which we will meet at Miss Newcomer academy on Tuesdays,Wednesday,Friday,Saturday, and last but not least Sunday. My 1st grade class goes on a site called I.X.L. and they take a test and they can earn different prizes for them.It goes goes from Pre-k to eighth grade. Any way do you want to see are penguin parade. Here they are. 

The red mittens

Yesterday my class made red mittens and my class did beautiful artwork on their winter artwork. Take a peek at our winter red mittens and to go along with winter mittens I read my class The Perfect Snowman.

       P.S. If you have not checked out Mrs. Russells blog check it out here.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

school year 2012

I am miss newcomer and this is my beautiful class Lily Anna,Eva,Jenny, and Tess!